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Hunter Christmas elf 2003
Christmas 2003 lots of fun!
Hunters first 2 missing teeth 11-2003
Hunter & Silvie 7-03
Yeah Dude!
Hunter 1-03

6-10-02 Look at me mom, iam pretending to run..heehee
HUnter 6-10-02
showing off his new haircut

MMMMMMM.. watermelon
Hunter Christmas 2001
Christmas 2001.
Hunter & My niece Robin blow kisses to me.
Uncle Matthew is good at tickling Hunter.
Hunter wanted a close-up.
Hunter Christmas Morning 2001
Innocent Hunter.  I love his eyes.
Rock em' Sock em' robot fighting.
Showing those muscles again.
Showing off his new tai-fu shirt.
Hunter & Tiger just chilin'
Playing in the pool at Arriana's birthday party.
Christmas morning 2000
Playing with a new toy.
Hunter & Grandpa  7-00
Do you remember when snow tasted this good?
Walking down the isle.
Look at my BBIIIGG muscles!
getting ready to go into the church.
He's loving the reception.
My little GQ man , he was the ring bearer in my aunts wedding, 9-00
Dancing with the flower girl.
Easter 4-00
Easter 4-00
Gotta Love that Smile!
Such a Ham he is.