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Color Kids And Sprites

Buddy Blue  lives in the Blue Zone with the help of his sprite Champ in charge of the blue color crystals.  They are the athletic ones.
Canary Yellow lives in Yellow Plains with the help of her sprite Spark in charge of the yellow color crystals.  They are the cheery energetic ones.
Indigo lives in Indigo Acres  withthe help of her sprite Hammy in charge of the Indigo color crystals.  They both love drama and acting.
La La Orange lives in Orange Meadows with her sprite OJ in charge of the orange color crystals.  She is a french madame with lots if charisma.
Patty O' Green lives in the Green Grange with her sprite Lucky in charge of the green color crystals.  They both love the color green and think it is the best color.
Red Butler lives in the Red Region with his sprite romeo in charge of the red color crystals.  They are both little charmers.
Shy Violet lives in Violet Valley with her sprite IQ in charge of hte violet color crytals. They are both very brainy and booksmart, but also as her name says SHY.
This is Tickled Pink. To the right she is dressed as a raver, i am unsure the name of her sprite, but nonetheless they were both adorable.