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Statues I Paint                         
**** The artwork seen on this page is under my sole ownership and copyright please do not take them without asking me.  Thank you.*******

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These actually look much better in person I am afraid the camera didn't do them much justice, they look dark and the colors aren't coming aross right.
As a hobby I enjoy painting Faeries and miniatures.  I also enjoy drawing.  Here are some of the things i have painted and drawn, as I get more pictures taken and developed I will put more up for you to view.  However, until then I hope you enjoy these.

If you would like me to paint or draw something for you please contact me through the email link at the bottom of this page.

The faerie above's actual size is about 8" long.
This faerie is 8" tall
This faerie is  7.5" tall
This faerie is 9" tall.
This faerie was done in October 2000.  

This Blue faerie was completed November 2000. So far she is my favorite of my works.
This faerie is actually 3" tall.                This faerie is actually 2" tall.