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Poetry Page 3
The Greatest Treasure
Missi Ann Letourneau
There comes a time in your life when you sit back and look at what you have,
And a time when you look at what you don't have.
When I took that time too see,
I saw what was an immortal me.
For just a moment in my life,
I did not see all the strife.
Instead what my big brown eyes did behold,
Was a story that is forever old.
It was not a story of money or fame,
Nor a story of the poor and lame.
This story was of love and eternity,
Of life, joy and maternity.
I looked at my life and you ask what did I see,
Nothing more than 2 little me's.
I saw a small boy with my eyes and lips,
And a little girl so perfectly tiny right to her fingertips.
In them I saw how I would live forever more,
And that I had opened that immortal door.
Because through our children forever we will live,
And through them forever joy will we give.
As they have kids and pass this joy on to them,
Who in turn pass joy to all around like a shiny gem.
When I gazed upon these two wonders I knew my life was complete,
Even with out money and fame,
Forever would live on my name.
If I have done nothing more than to bless these souls,
Then I have reached my life's true goals.
For as long as they smile and pass it down,
I do not need fancy balls and gowns.
I would like to share this treasure that I've found,
So please take the time to stop and look around.
The greatest joy you will ever find,
Will be the children whom on this earth we will someday leave behind.

Copyright 2000