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Missi Ann  Letourneau
When someone who is close to you,
Gets so sick you don't know what to do,
You look around and start to wonder
Why oh why must everything blunder.
A mother is the most precious thing
That I could ever imagine being.
I love my mother with all my heart
And when she's sick I'm torn apart.
She has a sickness they mistakenly called M.S.
A sickness that makes your whole life a mess.
Then she had a wicked stroke
And the doctors' bills have left her broke.
When I'm with her I don't know what to say or do,
I just comfort her and say “ I love you”
A person never knows what to say
We just hope against hope and ask everyone to pray.
The life we lead is so confusing,
Some people think it is merely for musing.
Everything is such a clutter,
I close my eyes stop and shudder.
I tell her that even through the struggle and strife,
She should always believe in her gift to life.
I'd like to take my feelings and seal them in a vault,
As if I should run and hide even though it is not my fault.
I feel I am being swept up in a tide,
 The one that will change my life.
Right up to my very last breath,
It's important to know “Mom, I love you past death!”
Copyright 1995

“I Thought You Knew”
Missi Ann Letourneau

I thought you could understand how I felt,
I thought you were happy with the hand you were dealt.
I gave you an ace of hearts,
 And in turn you tore it apart,
If only you knew how it affected me,
When you said I was the person you no longer wanted to see.
I thought that you would know,
Just how I would feel if you told me to go.
You shared with me what you were looking for,
I met most of your needs but you still wanted more.
So what was I supposed to do,
When you started to look elsewhere for what I couldn't provide for you?
It hurts me to know that you could be so intimate,
Then tell me you had no feelings for me since the first time we met.
I told you if it didn't last I would not be mad,
But how could you possibly expect me not to be sad.
The times we shared are precious to me and will not be forgotten,,
I can only hope and pray that somewhere in the back of your mind the thoughts of me will never be lost or fade into nothing.
If you want someone who will love you with all her heart and make you smile,
You know where to find me but don't wait too long of a while.
`cause if you wait to long to decide what you want,
by that time it may be too late for I may be gone.
A good strong trusting relationship is not easy to make,
It needs time and  an equal share of give and take.
Your love for god is most important of all,
But to love another is, in comparison, not all that small.
Copyright 1995

The poems you see on these 2 pages today were written a few years ago, but I will put more current ones up at a later date.