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My Poetry  
One of my reasons for making this site was so I could showcase some of my poetry. I hope you enjoy them.
Missi Ann Letourneau

Tears ran down my face and onto my lips,
He gently wiped them away with his fingertips.
I looked up sadly into his soft blue eyes,
I tried really hard but could not muffle my cries.
He held me tight in a strong embrace,
I rested my head on his chest and buried my face.
Our last embrace ended with a sweet kiss,
There was so much about him I know I would miss,
As I drove away I wondered my fate,
With my only love in a far away state.
Copyright 1995
I wrote this following poem for a dear friend who wanted something special to give to his pregnant wife.

Missi Ann Letourneau

  You Diahann, are my one true love,
When I think of us, I envision the glorious flight of two beautiful white doves.
We have been together for quite a while,
Yet I still love to see your everlasting gorgeous smile.
You are so full of beauty and life,
I could not be happier than to be a husband with you as my wife.
With everything you do you give me pure joy,
Now we will share the ultimate, a precious baby boy.
 Our hearts are bound together by an arrow of gold,
For it is onto to you that forever I wish to hold.
There is a fire burning and yearning deep in my heart,
It is for you that this fire burns, pure and loving without a doubt.
This poem was written especially for you so that I could say:
Copyright 1996
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